Dr. Larry J. Hutton Bio

Doctor Larry Hutton is a dynamic teacher and preacher for the Body of Christ today! He teaches and preaches with a prophetic voice that is changing the lives of multitudes. Larry is nationally and internationally known as a teacher, author and singer, and has become a popular guest speaker at church meetings, seminars, campmeetings, and on Christian television. His teaching on Divine Healing, Biblical Prosperity, and Victorious Christian Living has challenged and helped many ministers and laymen alike around the world to strive for God’s best in their lives.

Larry and his wife Liz were married July 18, 1981, and moved Larry & Liz Hutton
to the Tulsa, OK area one month later to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. They put down roots there, and it’s been their home ever since. They have one daughter, Rachel. The headquarters for Larry Hutton Ministries is located in Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa.

The Huttons have traveled extensively since 1982, including several years with Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. After launching Larry Hutton Ministries, they also continued to be a part of most of Rev. Hagin’s Crusades in cities across the US and Canada, with Larry often being called upon to minister the Word at these events.

In 1980, moments before he preached his first sermon, God spoke to Larry in an audible voice and said, “Keep it simple.  My Word is simple!” With that mandate from Heaven, Larry has become widely acclaimed for the clarity and simplicity with which he teaches God’s Word. He believes that the Bible is for us today, and that we ought to be able to understand what it is saying, so we can apply it and reach our God-given potential. He also believes that we don’t have to wait until we get to the “sweet by and by” before we can enjoy God’s blessings, but that God wants us to enjoy them in the “sweet here and now!”

Larry Hutton Ministries produces a wide variety of audio & video teaching materials. Larry has become well-known for his unique and extremely popular series of Scripture CD’s, “Heaven’s Health Food”, “Heaven’s Wealth Food”, “Power Up!,” “Wisdom Scriptures” and his newest release "Your Real Identity Is IN HIM!". Each CD features Larry speaking multiple translations of many Bible verses applicable to the title subject, thereby bringing vivid clarity to the Word. Presented over a soft instrumental background, these CD’s lend themselves to repeated listening. As a result, thousands of people have been healed, encouraged, and set free by “hearing and hearing” the Word of God as presented on the CD’s.

As an author, Larry has written five widely-read books: “God, The Gold and the Glory – Glorifying God through Personal Increase,” “Internal Affairs –  Emotional Stability in an Unstable World,” “Long Life – An Assignment From God,” “How To Stay On Top – A Fool Proof Way To Keep Your Life From Falling Apart,” and his newest Mini-Book "What Is The Unpardonable Sin – Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?" Larry Hutton Ministries also publishes a free magazine called “The Force of Faith”. Read by many thousands of people, its articles are educational, uplifting, inspiring and encouraging. In recent years the ministry has expanded to produce “The Force of Faith,” a weekly television program that is broadcast to millions in the U.S., and is available world-wide via the Internet.


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